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graduationMy name is Gina and I grew up in a small suburb outside of Los Angeles. I went to college at the University of California Berkeley and during my 4 years there, had the hardest time with thinking that I had to settle with one major, one career path, and one hobby.

So I had no choice, I settled. Settled for doing it all!

It seemed that nothing connected all my academic and career interests while in school. I majored in Art Practice and double minored in Global Poverty and Dance. I went to the Polimoda Fashion School in Italy, spent 6 weeks working for a local non-profit, choreographed and participated on jazz and hip-hop dance teams, traveled to 14 countries on Semester at Sea fashion picand taught my own 3-unit class called Art for Social Change at Berkeley. All the while was trying to eat well, stay fit, and spend time with my amazing boyfriend.

It wasn’t easy, but somehow I refused to settle for anything less. I felt scatter-brained and lost, wondering how and what I should really contribute to the world. Then someone asked me, “Forget about everything else and tell me what is your dream job and who would you want to be?”

I thought…Oprah.   Yup.

At first, this lofty dream was one I never mentioned to friends and family until I realized what connected all my passions.

I want to learn, inspire and give back. If there was only one thing I could contribute, it would be to help others see the potential in themselves.

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My own self discovery involved everything I loved; travel, nutrition, art, dance, fitness, fashion and let’s not forget food! I didn’t feel whole (and still don’t) if I were to neglect one of my passions. This idea translated to every aspect of my life, especially the most important one, living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The reason I started Gina Heart Lifestyle is to dive into all my passions, document and share all my experiences, and be vulnerable and honest for others to make the best of their lives too. It’s a quest to follow my dreams and inspire others to follow theirs. In order to love a better you, you have to allow yourself to cater to your health, cater to your body, and cater to your dreams.

You may have already noticed, but I may be the cheesiest and dreamiest person you’ll ever meet. I think that everyone has the capacity to love and be loved, and I believe that all people can live up to their fullest potentials while staying healthy and happy.

 Everyday I strive to improve myself and empower others.

If you’re browsing this website, I hope you have a similar outlook on life. Please join me on this adventure to discovering what is best for YOU and what makes YOU happy and whole. Tell me your ideas, conflicts, and dreams, and I will gladly be a friend in this amazing journey.

Live well and never forget to be happy.

Lots of Love,

Gina Heart



  • Ingrid Strauss says:

    Gina, this is such an amazing website, your about me section is so inspiring. It’s so good to know you’re doing what you love. I hope all is well with you! I miss you so much and dancing with you. Please keep posting videos!


    • kevin says:

      wow I knew ther was a reason I liked you.Amazing woman dosent queit fit you.AMAZEING WONDER WOMAN now that has a real ring to it yes.love your web site .keep on inspireing the mass’s and you can change the world with a thought.

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