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New Website!! ><

Come to my new site for updates! Don’t forget to join the new newsletter as the old one is going bye-bye! Xoxo, ~Gina


Hypothyroidism: What’s your cure? Heather’s personal story

Heather’s Story Heather was falling asleep at the wheel, but she lived a perfectly healthy life. In fact, a particularly healthy life: she ate a whole food diet, went to work as a personal trainer and taught yoga in the evenings. Somehow Heather found it excruciatingly difficult to keep her energy levels up, to the point where she was a hazard to those driving next her on the street. 3 years ago, Heather was diagnosed with hypothyroidism: … Continue Reading →

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Welcome Video: The Gina Heart Lifestyle Website

Watch this video to see why I created this website & how you can navigate your way around! Enjoy! Lots of Love, Gina Heart

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Dear Heather, my yoga teacher,

Dear Heather, I hope you are doing well! I am finally settled into my new apartment and job in San Francisco. It’s been long overdue that I write you this letter because I’ve been wanting to thank you ever since I came to your first yoga class. I hope you can bare with me because I have quite a lot to say. There are a few people in this world that have really changed and impacted my … Continue Reading →

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Gina Interviewed by Lydali

Lydali is a website that sells beautiful ethical products from all around the world. Since I’m an avid traveler, 55 countries & counting, I was interviewed for their Travel Blogger Series. Check out the Interview HERE! Lydali’s mission is to share beautiful, ethical products and the stories of the artisans and designers who make them. Visit their site and shop around at:

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Video: Why You Should Wear Your Retainers

Watch this video for the most interesting vlog advice yet! Wearing your retainers!  


Follower Blogs About Gina Heart Earrings!

This is my first mention by another blogger and I am thrilled. I came across a great comment about healthy lifestyles under my “DIY Rose Petal Earrings” Video. Peiji, an avid follower of Gina Heart wrote, “I am always learning and it doesn’t matter how little you are doing, as long as you are trying every single day to make a difference! :)” Peiji of course won the free giveaway of my handmade Rose Petal Earrings. I’m … Continue Reading →

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Hold Your Health Accountable…With Social Media.

Yes, you read it correctly, I’m talking about using social media to uphold your goals in health, fitness, and nutrition. People ask me “Gina, how am I supposed to do that!?” Dedicate one social media platform to your most important health goal. Want to work out every other day? Tweet exactly what you did and for how long. Just finished a Blogilates HIIT class! My body feels like jelly, but I feel Oh So Good! Want to … Continue Reading →


THANK YOU! Gina Heart has over 400 Likes on Facebook!

When I took this picture, it was a few months into starting “Gina Heart,” but more importantly, it was a few months after I learned to embrace my name and do something positive for others in my life. You may not have realized, but I didn’t it alone. My trusty team includes two amazing men: John Nguyen, a devoted friend, talented videographer, and creative director and Jeff Lee, my very own incredibly supportive boyfriend. Till this day, … Continue Reading →

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The Importance of “Blah Blah Blah”

You’ve got this feeling that you just can’t shake. You have this idea that seems dreamy or unrealistic. You feel stuck in a problem or situation, but who wants to hear it? You think anyone else would think it’s blah blah blah… To help get my point across about speaking your mind and always being honest and communicative, I’ll lend MY ears. I offer this gesture because I  realized through my own personal experiences with career goals … Continue Reading →