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Gina Interviewed by Lydali

Lydali is a website that sells beautiful ethical products from all around the world. Since I’m an avid traveler, 55 countries & counting, I was interviewed for their Travel Blogger Series. Check out the Interview HERE! Lydali’s mission is to share beautiful, ethical products and the stories of the artisans and designers who make them. Visit their site and shop around at:


Follower Blogs About Gina Heart Earrings!

This is my first mention by another blogger and I am thrilled. I came across a great comment about healthy lifestyles under my “DIY Rose Petal Earrings” Video. Peiji, an avid follower of Gina Heart wrote, “I am always learning and it doesn’t matter how little you are doing, as long as you are trying every single day to make a difference! :)” Peiji of course won the free giveaway of my handmade Rose Petal Earrings. I’m … Continue Reading →