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Dear Heather, my yoga teacher,

Dear Heather, I hope you are doing well! I am finally settled into my new apartment and job in San Francisco. It’s been long overdue that I write you this letter because I’ve been wanting to thank you ever since I came to your first yoga class. I hope you can bare with me because I have quite a lot to say. There are a few people in this world that have really changed and impacted my … Continue Reading →

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A Healthy Resolution

A new and beautiful year is upon us and you’ve made yet another New Year’s Resolution. 2014 will be different, you promised yourself. Do you even remember last year’s resolution? According to a recent study from the University of Scranton noted in Forbes Magazine, only 8% of people succeed in completing their New Year’s Resolution. It’s a sad percentage, but I’m here to make sure you’re on the winning team when it comes to your health and … Continue Reading →

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Unboxing an Inspiring T-shirt

I met Alex through connecting on social media and turns out he is a big dreamer just like myself. However, he turns his inward passions and motivations into an outward movement. Alex started a T-shirt company with motivational quotes to remind you to be great and “dream without limits.” Before, people like this were considered fools. This video is of me unboxing a shirt, making me an official foolie. The Foolies Website:  

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Hold Your Health Accountable…With Social Media.

Yes, you read it correctly, I’m talking about using social media to uphold your goals in health, fitness, and nutrition. People ask me “Gina, how am I supposed to do that!?” Dedicate one social media platform to your most important health goal. Want to work out every other day? Tweet exactly what you did and for how long. Just finished a Blogilates HIIT class! My body feels like jelly, but I feel Oh So Good! Want to … Continue Reading →

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The Importance of “Blah Blah Blah”

You’ve got this feeling that you just can’t shake. You have this idea that seems dreamy or unrealistic. You feel stuck in a problem or situation, but who wants to hear it? You think anyone else would think it’s blah blah blah… To help get my point across about speaking your mind and always being honest and communicative, I’ll lend MY ears. I offer this gesture because I  realized through my own personal experiences with career goals … Continue Reading →