Hold Your Health Accountable…With Social Media.

Yes, you read it correctly, I’m talking about using social media to uphold your photo 2goals in health, fitness, and nutrition. People ask me “Gina, how am I supposed to do that!?”

Dedicate one social media platform to your most important health goal.

  • Want to work out every other day? Tweet exactly what you did and for how long.

Just finished a Blogilates HIIT class! My body feels like jelly, but I feel Oh So Good!

  • Want to eat healthier? Instagram your food. (And yes, you’ll have to be that person who pulls out their phone in the middle of the cafe to take a picture of your food. People won’t judge you when you’ve regained your health and lost weight. And if they still do, you’ll most likely live longer anyways.)
  • Want to cook healthier meals? Pin all the recipes you’ve completed on a special Pintrest board and link it to your Facebook. Yes, so that everyone you know can see.

“GInstagram 1ina, won’t people feel annoyed?” Trust me, they most likely will. But soon enough, it will become a part of how you represent your lifestyle, not just a fake extension of yourself. When I started blogging about healthy living, I found myself encouraged to order that salad and pass on the side of fries because 1. I could post about my healthy meal and 2. I’d feel guilty ordering the fries and leaving them out of the picture. I’ve never ordered fries since, and it’s been almost 2 years. Now reason 2 about lying and hiding bad habits from your followers is up to you. How much do you really care about your health?photo 1

This technique works for many goals and passions you may have. One of my loyal followers on Instagram is Photoballerina10111 and she loves ballet, you can tell by her consistently awesome pictures! No doubt that people around her support her ballet passions and that she will get recognized one day.

And here’s the BEST part of using social media to hold your health and career goals accountable: People will cut you some slack. Dieting is always hard because your friends may want to go to that burger joint for lunch or someone asks you to skip your workout to take you to happy hour. If you are consistent with your posts, you’ll find that people start to acknowledge what really matters to you and respect your dedication to that goal.

instagram 2Ever since Gina Heart become a part of “me” nobody ever made fun of the quinoa cakes I made for dinner. In fact, they encouraged it, putting pressure on me to uphold all my posts and public persona. People respected the time I dedicated to working out, and everyone knows not to disturb my 8 hours of sleep. How nice is that?

So try it! If it’s a lifestyle change that is important to you, there is no harm in making it public. In fact, it will only help you. Post your platform username or #hashtag in the comments below and I’ll be sure to follow you and watch you improve! :)

Love,gina spinach

~Gina Heart

See, I obviously eat my spinach. #youknowit



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