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When I took this picture, it was a few months into starting “Gina Heart,” but more importantly, it was a few months after I learned to embrace my name and do something positive for others in my life. You may not have realized, but I didn’t it alone. My trusty team includes two amazing men: John Nguyen, a devoted friend, talented videographer, and creative director and Jeff Lee, my very own incredibly supportive boyfriend. Till this day, … Continue Reading →

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The Importance of “Blah Blah Blah”

You’ve got this feeling that you just can’t shake. You have this idea that seems dreamy or unrealistic. You feel stuck in a problem or situation, but who wants to hear it? You think anyone else would think it’s blah blah blah… To help get my point across about speaking your mind and always being honest and communicative, I’ll lend MY ears. I offer this gesture because I  realized through my own personal experiences with career goals … Continue Reading →

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Featured Guest: “How Fitness Changed My Life” A story about my friend Ash

Ash and I met on a study abroad program called Semester At Sea, where our university became a floating campus on a converted cruise ship. We got along right from the start and in my mind, he was known as the friendliest most humble guy, who was always lifting weights and encouraging others to join him. He never skipped a day and always had a positive attitude. I wish I had that kind of dedication and determination, … Continue Reading →

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Welcome to Gina Heart! An Everything Lifestyle Blog!

So you’re trying to lose weight, eat well, feel satisfied, workout, look good, and be happy? All the while you are still working hard, traveling, and being social, right? What we need is an Everything Lifestyle Blog! This is my attempt to make a one stop shop for everything health, fitness, fashion & inspiration related! Eating clean helps you feel confident when wearing the latest trends & being inspired by others helps you better grasp your dreams. … Continue Reading →

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Fighting Cancer to Dance: Bri+ & Gina <3

When I tell people that I have an “inspiration” section for Gina Heart, they don’t really know what it means, which is completely understandable. But the more you get to know me and browse this website, you’ll learn that everything comes back to two things: self improvement and empowerment. Letting yourself be inspired by others, brings new perspective into your life and allows you to inspire others in return. No matter how big or small the revelation … Continue Reading →

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Relationships & Weight Gain: 5 Tips

You’re in a great relationship with your man, but there’s one problem. Where did the muffin tops come from? For some, it’s the dinner dates, movies & popcorn, and attending every food fair and festival in town. For others, it’s lounging on the couch, cuddling in bed for hours, and having ice cream on a hot afternoon instead of working out. Understandable, especially when all those things help keep a relationship fun and exciting. So what should … Continue Reading →

Organize Your Fridge

Video: How to Organize your Fridge

Try these easy organizing tips to keep your food fresher and your body healthier!

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Bringing Back the Backless…Forever!

It’s summer time, which for most people means bikinis, perfect bodies, and clothing with a little less fabric. For those of you who are looking to show of your bodies, still trying to get in shape (you got this, keep it up!), or just want to stand out in an eye-catching get-up at a party, here’s what I think. Go backless. I started wearing backless shirts and dresses early on, then I got addicted, and it never … Continue Reading →

Tie a Tie

Video: How to Tie a Tie on your Boyfriend

He puts on a tie to impress you. YOU put on his tie? Now that’s a fun little surprise!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries 1

Video: How to Make Patterned Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Quick, easy & fun to make. You’ll be sure to impress the crowd with this healthy tutorial for every occasion! YUM!