Welcome to Gina Heart! An Everything Lifestyle Blog!

So you’re trying to lose weight, eat well, feel satisfied, workout, look good, and be happy? All the while you are still working hard, traveling, and being social, right?

What we need is an Everything Lifestyle Blog!

This is my attempt to make a one stop shop for everything health, fitness, fashion & inspiration related! Eating clean helps you feel confident when wearing the latest trends & being inspired by others helps you better grasp your dreams.

I once thought that if I could achieve the body of a super model, the rest of my life would fall into place and I’d be happy. Well, we all know that’s not how it works. I started eating clean, striving for 8 hours of sleep, constantly appreciating people around me, organizing my home, and endlessly learning from others. I learned that happiness is like a garden, you have to nurture every part to have a beautiful front yard.

My name is Gina and I love flaxseed, dance cardio and Oprah. It’s not to say that I don’t like ice cream, snuggling on the couch for hours and celebrity gossip. We are all human and my promise is to be real and honest with you.

This website is dedicated to my life goal of always seeking ways to better myself and those around me, learning and struggling along the way and sharing everything I can with you.

I hope you enjoy this site and everything I value for living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Lots of Love,

Gina Heart <3

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